Terms and Conditions of Use.


This document constitutes an adhesion agreement for the use of the website www.quearte.com.mx (hereinafter “Website” and/or “Website”) for use during and after your visit, in your capacity as responsible and for the other, the User, subject, both parties, to the provisions of this document.


By entering and using this Website, identified with the domain name quearte.com.mx, the User is accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use contained in this agreement and expressly declares his/her acceptance using electronic means for this purpose.

For the purposes of this Agreement, the parties agree that “User” means any person of any nature who enters the Website quearte.com.mx and/or any of the subpages that display its content and/or the person of any nature who registers and/or uses any of the services offered through such page.

If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement in an absolute and complete manner, the User shall refrain from accessing, using and observing the Website and/or any other service offered by Que Arte LLC, In the event that the User accesses, uses and observes the Site, as well as in the event that the User accesses and browses, it shall be considered as an absolute and express acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use stipulated herein, the other documents incorporated therein by reference.

Art will not keep an individualized copy of this agreement between the User and the Company, so the User is advised to keep a copy of these Terms and Conditions of Use for his/her own record.

In the event that the User violates the statement in these Terms and Conditions of Use, which Art may cancel its use, as well as exclude the User from future operations, and/or take the legal action it deems appropriate for its interests.

Using the www.quearte.com.mx Site


In order to use the Website, the User must be at least 18 years of age or agree under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

Que Arte LLC, grants a non-transferable and revocable license to use the Website, pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of Use described, for the purpose of purchasing personal items sold on the same Site. The User may only print and/or copy any information and/or image contained or published on the website www.quearte.com.mx exclusively for personal use, so the commercial use of such information is expressly and strictly prohibited. The reprinting, publication, distribution, assignment, sublicense, sale, electronic reproduction or otherwise, in whole or in part, of any information, image, document or graphic that appears on the Website www.quearte.com.mx, for any use other than non-commercial personnel is expressly prohibited to the User, unless it has the prior written authorization of Que Arte LLC. Any violation of these Terms of Use will result in the immediate revocation of the license granted in this section, without notice.

Certain services and related features that may be available on www.quearte.com.mx may require registration or subscription. The User acknowledges that, by providing the personal information, it grants Que Arte LLC . If the User decides to register or subscribe to any of these related services or functions, the User agrees to provide accurate and up-to-date information about himself, and to promptly update that information if there are any changes.

Each Site User is solely responsible for maintaining passwords and other secure account identifiers. The account holder is fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password or account. On the other hand, the User must notify the Company of any unauthorized use of his/her password or account. In no way shall Art be liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the User’s failure to comply with this section.

During the registration process, the User agrees to receive promotional emails from www.quearte.com.mx. However, you can subsequently opt out of receiving such promotional emails by clicking on the link at the bottom of any promotional email.

Que Arte LLC, reserves the right to block access or remove in part or in full any information, communication or material that in its sole discretion may result: (i) abusive, defamatory or obscene; (ii) fraudulent, contrived or misleading; (iii) violation of a third party’s copyright, trademark, confidentiality, industrial secrets or any intellectual property right; (iv) offensive or; (v) in any way contravention of the provisions of this contract.

Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the Website and the Affiliated Websites of  quearte.com.mx; the User is prohibited from: (a) access data to which the User is not authorized to use or log in to a server or account for which the User does not have authorized access; (b) attempt to scan, scan or test the vulnerability of a computer system or network or violate security or authentication measures without proper authorization; (c) attempt to interfere with the use of any other User, hosting service or network, including, without limitation, transmitting a virus to the Website or to the Affiliated Websites of quearte.com.mx; cause a saturation of such sites through “flooding”, “spamming”, “mailbombing” or “crashing”; (d) sending unsolicited emails, including promotions and/or advertising of products or services, or; (e) forge any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any email or newsgroup post.

The User acknowledges that violations of the computer system or network security may generate civil or criminal responsibilities. Que Arte LLC, will investigate situations that may involve such violations and reserves the right to report such actions to the authorities; Que Arte LLC, will cooperate with the competent authority in the investigation of such violations under the terms set forth in the applicable law.

For the proper access to the Website, Users must have equipment and facilities necessary for their Internet connection (computer, telephone, modem, programs, etc.), being the use of these equipment total responsibility of them.

Que Arte LLC, is exempt from any liability that occurs due to interruptions or suspensions of the Internet access service caused by the failure in the telecommunications system, in the supply of electricity, cases of force majeure or a third party action that may disable the equipment that provides access to the network.

Therefore, Que Arte LLC is not responsible for any damage, damage or loss to the User caused by system failures, on the server or on the Internet. Que Arte LLC will also not be liable for any viruses that could infect the User’s computer as a result of accessing, using or examining the Website or following any transfer of data, files, images, texts, or audio contained therein. Users may NOT claim any liability or demand payment of damages, due to technical difficulties or failures in the systems or on the Internet. Art does not guarantee continued or uninterrupted access and use of the Website. The system may not be available due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or due to any other circumstance outside the Company; in such cases, it will be sought to restore it as quickly as possible without any liability being imputed to it. Art will not be liable for any errors or omissions contained on the Website.


The User assumes responsibility for all costs, fees, taxes and demands that will arise from the use of this Website. The access data communicated to the User for their profile have been designed exclusively for personal use, and must be treated with confidentiality. The User must modify his/her passwords regularly. All transactions made through the profile account will be charged to the relevant profile account holder and will be binding.

The User is liable without limitation for direct and indirect damages, as well as consequential damages, which could be caused by gross negligence or illegal intent.


The User may have a personal account (hereinafter “User Account”) by entering the requested data on the Site. The User Account is personal, unique and non-transferable. Through the User’s Account the User will be able to access their history of purchases and orders placed, check the status of their orders, access their shopping cart, have access to promotions and discounts that from time to time report, quearte.com.mx, will be able to customize the content presented to them of the Website according to their preferences , as well as use any functionalities Que Arte LLC may apply in the future to the User’s Account.

The User may only have one User’s Account. In the event quearte.com.mx detects different Accounts that contain matching or related data, you may cancel, suspend or disable them, in its sole discretion and at any time. The User will be responsible for all transactions carried out from his/her User’s Account. The sale, assignment, transfer or transmission of the User’s Account under any title, whether onerous or free of charge, is prohibited.

Que Arte LLC, reserves the right to refuse the registration of a User Account in case of the User’s opinion that the User has not complied with these Terms and Conditions, without Que Arte LLC being obliged to communicate or state the reasons for its decision and without the right to indemnification or compensation being generated in favor of the User.

Que Arte LLC does not intentionally make sales to minors, so parents and guardians are advised to carry out the activities of purchasing products or registering on the Website themselves. Check if it’s duplicated.

Parents or guardians of minors shall be liable for the acts performed by them in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use, including damages caused to third parties, actions performed by them and prohibited by law and by the provisions of this agreement, without prejudice to the liability of the User, provided that the User was not the parent or legal representative of the minor infringer.


Que Arte LLC acknowledges that it is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered, on the site www.quearte.com.mx, including but not limited to: projects, software, source code, graphics, photographs, videos, images, music, sound, texts, logos, trademarks, domain names, trade names and data included on the website www.quearte.com.mx. The entire content of our website is also protected by copyright as a collective work under copyright international laws. All rights reserved.

Users are warned that such rights are protected by current USA and international legislation relating to intellectual and industrial property and copyright.

It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, adapt, modify, distribute, market, license, send, disclose, public communication and / or any other action that generates a violation of USA or international legislation in force in matters of intellectual and / or industrial property, as well as the use of the contents of the Website without prior express written authorization of Que Arte.

In the event that the User transmits to Que Arte any information, programs, applications, software or in general any material that requires to be licensed through the Website www.quearte.com.mx, the User at this time grants Que Arte a perpetual, universal, free, non-exclusive, worldwide and royalty-free license, including the rights to sublicense, sell, reproduce, distribute, transmit, transmit to Que Arte LLC a perpetual, universal, free, non-exclusive, worldwide and royalty-free license, including the rights to sublicense, sell, reproduce, distribute, transmit, transmit to Que Arte LLC a perpetual, universal, free, non-exclusive, worldwide and royalty-free license, including the rights to sublicense, sell, reproduce, distribute, transmit, transmit, transmit , create derivative works, exhibit them, and execute them publicly.

The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall also apply to any other information that the User submits or transmits to Que Arte LLC, including, without limitation, questions, criticisms, comments and suggestions to renew or improve the Website, whether they have been included in any space of the page indicated or under other known or developed means or modes of transmission in the future. In addition, when the User submits comments or criticisms to the website, it also grants Que Arte LLC the right to use the name that the User submits, in the context of such review, comment, or any other content.

Therefore, the User expressly waives in this act to carry out any action, demand or claim against Que Arte LLC, its affiliates or suppliers for any current or eventual violation of any copyright or intellectual property derived from the information, programs, applications, software, ideas and other material that the User himself submits to the Website quearte.com.mx.

If any content published on the Website is considered to be in violation of intellectual or industrial property rights, the User may make a notification by contacting the Customer Service team of Que Arte to the phone +1 (512) 5870420. The User must indicate: (i) true personal data (name, address, telephone number and email address of the complainant); (ii) autograph signature with the personal data of the owner of intellectual property rights; (iii) accurate and complete indication of the content(s) protected by the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed, as well as the location of such violations on the referring Website; (iv) express and clear statement that the introduction of the indicated content(s) has been made without the consent of the owner of the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed; (v) express, clear and under the responsibility of the complainant that the information provided in the notification is accurate and that the introduction of the content(s) constitutes a violation of those rights.

The Website contains links to third-party websites. These links are provided only as an advantage of the User Website and do not imply that Que Arte has approved the content of such third-party websites. Que Art LLC is not responsible for the content of linked third-party websites and makes no representations regarding the content or veracity of the material on such third party sites. If the User decides to access the third-party websites through these links, he/she does so at his/her own risk.


You acknowledge and agree that some parts of the Que Arte LLC Site may contain information, images, advertisements and other advertising or promotional material from third party sponsors and advertisers (hereinafter ranked “Advertising Material”). Advertisers and sponsors are responsible for ensuring that the Advertising Material submitted for inclusion on the Website of That Art complies with applicable laws and regulatory codes. Que Art LLC is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in advertising materials.

Likewise, the User acknowledges and accepts in this act that such Advertising Material is protected by laws that are applicable in the field of intellectual and industrial property.


Que Arte LLC will inform the Users subscribed to the newsletter, via email, the promotions and future opportunities, with the respective dates and conditions.

Promotions will have specific terms and conditions, and Users interested in participating will be responsible for reading and understanding these terms and conditions.

A coupon means a code generated and provided by Que Arte LLC which entitles the User to enjoy an economic discount on any purchase made within the Website, in accordance with the terms and conditions previously stipulated by Que Arte LLC for use and application. Que Arte coupons are not cumulative with other coupons. The credits generated by the promotional actions of Que Arte (coupons, etc.) may be exchanged exclusively for products marketed by Que Arte. Credits may not be exchanged for other credits or cash.

Que Arte LLC reserves the right to suspend, cancel and cancel any purchase or order made by the User on the Website www.quearte.com.mx in which any type of coupon whose use does not adhere to the aforementioned rules, is used in wilful, outside the validity or terms and conditions stipulated or unduly stipulated by the User.


The information given about each product on the Website, as well as the photographs or videos relating thereto and the trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs of any kind contained in the www.quearte.com.mx Website are exposed exclusively for guidance. Que Arte LLC  is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in product information.


All products offered on the Que Arte Website are subject to stock and availability, so delivery time may vary prior notice from us, or may even proceed to cancel the order and refund the User’s charges if applicable.

If the delivery time offered by Que Arte LLC is not of the customer’s satisfaction, the cancellation of the order may be requested within 48 hours of receiving notification of the delivery date by email, for which you will need to send contacto@quearte.com.mx by specifying the purchase folio number, date, amount, item and reason for cancellation; in addition to communicating to the telephone number that appears on your order slip, after that time or once the production order is entered there will be no cancellations.


In order to make the purchase of the products, the User must make payment of the selected products, taxes and corresponding shipping costs (freight cost) through the payment service providers by Que Arte makes available to the User on the Website.

The User may only purchase products in Que Arte with delivery at an address that is within the areas of delivery coverage That Art in force at the time of purchase. Que Arte may have different delivery coverage for each of its products.

Que Arte does not offer furniture flying service, therefore, we recommend measuring the access and elevator spaces, and paying attention to the measurements of the products before making the purchase. The Transport Companies, by means of risk assessment made at the time of delivery, may not execute the delivery, unless the customer indicates otherwise, being at his own responsibility the damage to the product or the material structure that was damaged by forcing access (stairs, doors and elevators, for example). In case the delivery could not be made due to the above conditions the costs of manoeuvres will be at the customer’s expense.


All prices of the products indicated through the Website include VAT and other taxes that may correspond to them. However, these prices do not include the costs corresponding to the shipment of the products (cost of freight), which will be detailed separately in each order and must be accepted and paid by the User as part of the total amount of order.


The User must consider that there are cases in which an order cannot be processed for various reasons. In that sense, Que Arte LLC reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order for any reason, at any time. In addition, Que Arte reserves the right to request additional information from the User, before accepting the order or even once accepted in the first instance.

Que Arte LLC will provide the most accurate pricing information for Users, however, certain errors may still occur, such as cases where the price of an item is not displayed correctly on the Website, the Company reserves the right to deny or cancel any order containing an item that has been purchased at an incorrect price. In the event that the price of an item is incorrect, it is possible at the discretion that Que Arte contacts the User to request instructions or cancel the order and will notify you of such cancellation, or in case the purchase has been made, cancel such orders, whether or not the order has been confirmed and paid.

If for any reason, the price is at $0.00 or $0.01, please contact Que Arte customer services center. For no reason, it will be understood that these are priceless or gifted and orders placed under this situation, will be canceled without prior notice and, where appropriate, Que Arte LLC reserves the right to update at the time the price of the product according to the sale price previously authorized by Que Arte. In the case of promotional campaigns on a certain number of pieces of one or more products, Que Arte reserves the right to offer a different price than indicated on the Website in other products of the same type, as they are selected parts.


The payment of the order made on the Website may be made by means of any of the means of payment offered by the Site, these being, among others: credit card, debit card, bank transfer or Paypal. The list of means of payment offered may be subject to change at any time without notice to Users. The order number (order) that is assigned when making the transaction in Que Arte is for informational purposes only and does not imply acceptance of the transaction by Que Arte LLC  in case of any problem with your order, the User will be communicated by email or telephone. Payments made on the Website by credit card, debit card or Paypal are subject to analysis and approval by Que Arte.

Que Arte LLC reserves the right to request official documents from the User, as a means of validation to the process of purchasing products through the Website to validate the ownership and correct use of the means of payment, and in case, to cancel the payment made in its sole discretion.

Made the purchase by the User, by implicitly accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use, Which Art will send an e-mail to the User informing the details of the purchase made.

Que Arte will send the purchase confirmation via email. Only after confirmation of payment will the products be released for delivery at the delivery address indicated by the User.

In case of ignorance by the Bank Institution corresponding to the charges made by the User that correspond through credit card and derivatives of transactions carried out on the website www.quearte.com.mx, Que Arte reserves the right to initiate the corresponding legal actions and to obtain criminal or civil liability as the case or of any other nature , as well as to perform all those internal actions that can range from becoming charged again to the credit card of said User until the permanent discharge of the User on the Website, for which no prior authorization of the User will be required.


Que Arte LLC will send the products purchased by the User to the address specified by the User for this purpose provided that the address is the same as indicated at the time of purchase.

The products will be shipped and delivered to the User by Que Arte or by third parties (hereinafter “Carrier Companies”). By virtue of the above, the User agrees to submit for the shipment and delivery of the products to the delivery policies of the Carrier Companies themselves that are incorporated by reference to these Terms and Conditions of Use.

The delivery time starts from the confirmation of payment by the bank, online payment platform and the deadline described on the Website is an estimate. In this way, it is possible that such a period will change for logistical and force majeure reasons. In the event that any event of accident or force majeure may delay the delivery of the products purchased on the Website, quearte.com.mx will at all times be exempt from any liability. Que Arte does not offer furniture flying service, therefore, we recommend measuring the access spaces, door, elevator and / or staircase, and pay attention to the measurements of the products before making the purchase.

At the time of delivery, the person receiving the goods may be asked for an official identification (ID or driver’s license), so it is required to have this document on hand when delivering the purchase. Que Arte may make additional freight charges for new delivery or shipment provided that the goods are not delivered at the responsibility of the User (example: absent customer, customer delays delivery, erroneous address). Therefore, Que Arte suggests that the customer be attentive and pending delivery time, the scheduled delivery date – when applicable – and the tracking of their order/delivery.

Que Arte LLC suggests that the User verify the integrity and quality of the products received at the time of delivery. If the User is not satisfied with the products, it is requested that he/she does not receive the delivery by the Carrier Company and that he/she will immediately contact the Customer Service team at the telephone that appears on his/her order number that he/she received on the confirmation of his/her purchase (order).


The User may cancel the purchase of Products (order) made through the Website provided that within the first 48 hours of purchase he/she sends an email to contacto@quearte.com.mx for reasons of cancellation including the details of: Name, Order Number (order), Date purchase, product and amount paid, in addition to contacting the telephone number that appears on your order number (order) or failing to contact +1 512 587 0420 to report it; after this time, in case the Products have already processed a manufacturing or exit order from the warehouse of Que Arte the User will not be able to cancel the purchase made. The User may check the status of the purchase made through the My Orders section of the User’s Account or by contacting Customer Support team on the phone indicated in their Order confirmation (order). In case of cancellation of the purchase made by the User the amount paid by the User will be refunded in accordance with the “Refunds” section of these Terms and Conditions.

Freight return only applies when customer cancels all of your order.


Que Arte LLC acts as a distributor of manufacturers or wholesale distributors that guarantee that the products marketed on the Website www.quearte.com.mx function properly and do not present hidden defects or defects that may make them dangerous or unsuitable for normal use. Notwithstanding the above, the use that each User gives to the products is its sole responsibility, without any responsibility of Que Arte.

The duration of the contractual warranty is clearly detailed on the product page of each item and is issued and endorsed by the manufacturer or supplier of each product.

No User may request a broader warranty than indicated therein. In such cases, Que Arte shall not be obliged to respond for such warranties, nor to collect the damaged product(s), on the understanding that this warranty will only apply within our current delivery coverage areas. Likewise, the collection of the damaged products will be carried out only and exclusively at the location where they were originally delivered fulfilling only the deadline committed at the time of purchase.

The warranty will lose its validity in case of defects or deterioration caused by external factors, accidents, in particular, electrical accidents, wear and tear, improper use, or installation and use not in accordance with the instructions of the supplier or manufacturer. Que Arte LLC shall have the right to carry out a verification and analysis, either by the corresponding area of Que Arte or third parties assigned by Que Arte for that purpose, including and not limited to the visual, physical and/or technical inspection of the damaged products(s) to validate the validity and in case its application according to the aforementioned factors. The description of the events by the customer will not be binding towards Que Arte to validate the application of the warranty or the terms of return.

Any warranty claim for products that have been shipped outside our coverage area by the customer is subject to the return area. The customer will accept the terms and conditions of delivery and collection that in the Section of Returns are stipulated.

The products transported, modified or repaired by the User or any other person not authorized by Que Arte are excluded from the warranty. The warranty will not apply to apparent defects and defects in conformity of the product, Due to the manufacturing technique of the products and their finishes, they may vary in color shape and size compared to one piece with another as they are handmade, imperfections are innate in the case of furniture and accessories handcrafted these by their nature of materials may look like small marks or cracks , are normal details that are not considered error in the manufacture of parts.

The Store will make the change of the part only in the case of covering a default manufacturing warranty, in the same model and color, in case it is not in existence, you would have to wait for the time when the product is manufactured again. If the customer requires a refund of the amount paid for the product, the Customer must request it within 7 calendar days of purchase.


In case of return only by default or damage of products that are covered by the warranty and that have been delivered to an address indicated by the customer, the User must contact the customer service team of Que Arte sending mail to contacto@quearte.com.mx or the telephone number that appears on your Order confirmation sheet (order) or +1 512 587 0420 within the established time limit, requesting the return of the products and provide first and last name, order number (order), name of the product to be returned so that the collection at the same address at which the goods was delivered is scheduled. That Art and the User may, by common agreement, define another collection address provided that the address has delivery coverage that Art.

In the event that the return is due to the fact that the product(s) are defective or are a product other than that purchased through the Website, the User must also express such circumstance, as well as mention, where appropriate, the defects of the products (hereinafter the “Request for Return”).

A User requesting a return of an already delivered product may request a change or refund.

In case of non-existence of the product for change, you will have to wait for the time when it is made again, or you could make the change for a piece of the same price of the part to be exchanged or for a larger amount, as long as the customer covers the difference of the amount at the moment. If the user is not interested in the change of model, he can request a refund of the amount paid for the product taking into account the terms and conditions of the Refunds section.

The quantity and availability of products appearing on the Website varies constantly, so it will not be the responsibility of Arte to have portfolio availability for change.


Once the Return Request has been approved, Que Arte will schedule the collection or send the User a shipping guide through the corresponding Carrier Company. The collection, when applicable, will be made at the same address where the order was delivered (Que Arte and User may, by common agreement, define another collection address provided that the address has delivery coverage Que Arte).

In any warranty claim for products that have been shipped outside our coverage area by the customer, on the understanding that, in the case that the return of the product applies, the customer will have to send it to the original destination of delivery in order to carry out the collection of the same. Any damage or damage to the additional product that occurs during this transportation will be excluded from warranty coverage.

Once the products returned by the User are received, Que Arte will review the returned products in detail. In the event that the products received by Que Arte comply with the characteristics set out in the “Return Conditions” section, the Company will be obliged to return the money paid by the User within 10 working days from the day on which Art collected the returned products.


Art must request a refund from the User up to 10 working days from the date of cancellation of the User’s purchase or up to 10 working days from the date of collection – when there is a return request by the User.

For web purchases, if the payment was made by debit or credit card, the refund will be made through a refund of the charge on the same card that was used as long as no 30 calendar days have elapsed after the charge. If the payment was made by other means or has already exceeded 30 calendar days after the charge, the refund will be made through a bank transfer to the User’s account.

Que Arte, will not be able to make partial refunds, any refund outside of this time will be made through a bank transfer in the Customer’s account.

Once the refund movement has been made to the debit or credit card for Que Arte, any clarification for the cash not accrued in the account will have to be made at the Bank of The Bank from the Card to which the amount was refunded. The deadline for the institution to release the cash into the account is approximately 30 business days after the move that Arte has made for the refund. The User will be reimbursed for the cost paid for the cancelled or returned products. Freight return only applies when customer cancels all of your order.

Que Arte is not made and will not be responsible for the expenses caused by those returns that occur without respecting the steps established in the procedure presented in the section “Returns”.


Billing of purchases made from the Website is available electronically to the user after payment has been made and confirmed, provided that the payment is validated and the billing request is made within the same month in which the purchase was made. Que Arte LLC reserves the right to refuse the billing request in case the request is made outside the stipulated period, that is, within one month of the date of placing the order, without exception.

To make your request, the User must on the quearte.com.mx page, log in and enter the “My Account” section, then access the “My Orders” section and select each of the orders that you wish to invoice individually with the “Request Invoice” button. See with

When requesting the invoice it will be necessary for the buyer to have at hand and provide the following tax requirements:

Organitation Full Name,  Address including street, city, state and zip code

E-mail where the invoice will arrive

Once the corresponding invoice has been issued, Art will not be able to re-invoice or issue subsequent invoices.

Within 8 to 48 business hours of the request, the user will be able to enter in the “Invoicing” section to download the corresponding invoice(s).


Art may at any time and at any time, at its discretion, without notice to the User, make corrections, additions, improvements or modifications to the content, presentation, information, services, areas, databases and other elements of such website, without giving rise to any claim or compensation, or that this implies recognition of any liability in favor of the User.

Term, termination and modification of the Terms and Conditions of Use

Que Arte LLC, as well as the User, recognize that the Terms and Conditions are of unlimited validity, and will become effective upon posting on the Website.

Que Art LLC reserves the right to make alterations to this document without prior notice. Therefore Que Arte LLC recommends that the User regularly reread this document, so that he/she is always informed about any modifications. Alterations to the contract will become effective immediately upon posting on the Website. Once the modifications have been made, it will be presumed that the User who continues to use the Website will have full knowledge, have read and consent to the reformed Terms and Conditions.

In the event that the User does not accept the modified terms and conditions, he/she must stop using the Website or frequent the  Que Arte Shop.

Art may at any time suspend access to the Website and/or terminate these Terms and Conditions. Termination of these Terms and Conditions shall in no case imply for Que Art LLC that must indemnify the User.


These Terms of Use, as well as the additional terms, constitute the entire agreement between the parties, and supersede any other agreements or agreements previously entered into. Any clause or provision of this contract, as well as the additional terms, legally declared invalid, will be removed or modified at the choice of Que Arte, in order to correct its defect or defect. However, all other clauses or provisions shall maintain their strength, obligation and validity.


From time to time, Que Arte LLC may revise, update and/or add to the Terms and Conditions of Use of this Agreement additional provisions relating to specific areas or new services provided on or through the Website quearte.com.mx, which will be posted in the specific areas or new services of such Website for reading and acceptance. The User acknowledges and agrees that such additional terms form an integral part of this contract for all legal purposes to which it is available.


The rights granted to the User must be considered personal rights and the User may not assign or transmit them, nor authorize any third party to use them in any way.

Que Arte may assign all or part of its rights and/or obligations at its expense to any third party, subsidiary or controller of Que Arte without the prior authorization of the User. By virtue of such assignment, Que Art will be freed from any obligation in favor of the User, established in this contract.


Inactivity by Arte, its affiliates or suppliers to exercise any right or action arising out of this contract shall at no time be construed as a waiver of such rights or actions.


The User agrees to indemnify Que Arte, its affiliates, suppliers, sellers and advisors for any action, demand or claim (including attorneys’ fees and court costs) arising from any use of the Website quearte.com.mx.

The information contained or available on or through such site or of insults, defamation or any other conduct infringing this contract by the User in the use of the indicated Website.

Violation of applicable laws or international treaties relating to copyright or intellectual property, contained or available on or through such Website.

Date of last update

The Terms and Conditions are notified to be published on April 19, 2020.